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Three new Grand Theft Auto V trailers have been released – one for each asshole shitbag character that you get to play!

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Like some sort of apocalyptic herald for servers all over the internet today, those cruel bastards over at Rockstar released not one, but three new trailers for its upcoming epic crime opus Grand Theft Auto V, with each covering one of the three characters that you’ll get to play when the game finally rolls around in September to say “So long and thank you for all the fish” to the current generation of home consoles.

Showcasing the escapades of the three playable scoundrels, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, the videos crucially give us a much more comprehensive insight into the open-world gameplay bliss that we can expect from Rockstar’s fifth core entry in the franchise that decked out all of their executives in posh suits and gave all their cats golden litter trays to shit in.

I mean just fucking look at it.  It has a Queen soundtrack and everything.

Anyhow, you surely didn’t come here to see me wax bitterly about the fact that my moggies are disadvantaged at not having their own luxury shit pits and so it is that I present to you the latest gameplay footage from Grand Theft Auto V.

Tuck in and enjoy.

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April 30, 2013 at 3:02 pm

More Marvel Phase-Two goodness – Thor: The Dark World teaser arrives on earth

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With Iron Man 3 due to hit flick rooms in the UK at the end of this week, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the appetite of the post-Avengers public for more Marvel goodness is at an all-time high.

Crashing down to earth then, so that it might mingle with us cretinous mere mortals is the first teaser trailer for the Thor: The Dark World.

It appears to spin an epic looking yarn all things told on this first, most meagre of impressions, but already the trailer has done two things right.

Firstly, its margainlised the involvement of Kat Dennings’ limp comic-relief character and secondly, its provides us with the horrendously awesome tease of a mightily disheveled Loki and Thor working together in the face of a common threat.

Speaking of that threat, we see little of Chris Ecclestone‘s main-event antagonist but we’re in early days folks.  Early days.

I have to say though, that so far, this tickles my nerd twangs in some pretty obscene ways.  What about you lot?

Written by bitsnark

April 23, 2013 at 2:53 pm

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