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So I Came Across This PC Indie Game Called Project Zomboid…

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Ever since the gaming fraternity has gotten a hold of zombies, it’s seemingly only been able to do something equally brain-dead with them; stick them in a FPS setting in which player thought need only extend as far as to which weapon to switch to.

Enter Project Zomboid.

An isometric, open-world zombie survival take on the popular horror cult icon the game is in many ways a breath of fresh fetid air from it’s dumber FPS counterparts. In Project Zomboid more pedestrian concerns such as making sure that you don’t go hungry, or have enough rest go pleasingly hand in hand with ensuring a healthy supply of ammo for your firearm of choice.

Indeed, there are other more pragmatic concerns to worry about too. Creating noise can attract the undead horde as it currently does in existing games, but the source of that distraction can range from setting off a house alarm, to actually burning down a house because you left the microwave on for too long.

Visually, the title looks retro-functional but simple and is still in the extremely early stages of alpha development. If however, you fancy a zombie game that forces you to think a little further than your gun barrel, than you certainly couldn’t go very wrong with Project Zomboid.

I’ve attached the link to the main website below, as well as YouTube links of a particularly articulate chap playing through it if you fancy taking a look first before you download.


Written by bitsnark

August 31, 2011 at 4:14 pm

Persona 4 Confirmed For Vita, Persona 5 In Development On TBA Platform (Oh Come On, It’s The PS3)

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In news that is sure to whip up Persona and JRPG fans into a frenzy, Catherine developer Atlus has today confirmed that a remake of Persona 4 will launch not on the PSP as previous titles in the series have, but instead, on Sony’s forthcoming PSVita handheld.

Officially titled Persona 4: The Golden, the title supports 3G and WiFi, allowing other players to pop into your game and help you out with a particular dungeon if you’re a being a bit shit.

Rounding out the package, is the promise of brand new event scenes, new Personas, a smattering of extra character outfits and a reworked animated intro and additional anime style sequences.

Persona 4: The Golden is slated to drop in Japan in Early 2012, with a Euro release date being pie in the sky at the moment. If I had to guess however, i’d say Q3/Q4 2012.

Persona 5 was also confirmed to be in development on formats to be determined (read: PS3) and will apparently be utilisting a brand new engine for ‘smoother’ development. No release date has been given regarding the title, but if I was a betting man I would estimate that the game would get a Japanese release in early/mid 2013 with a Euro release possibly following at the end of that year or the start of the following one.

On PS3.

Written by bitsnark

August 31, 2011 at 8:54 am

Nintendo Unveils The Full List Of Free NES Shit That Early 3DS Adopters Can Expect To Receive

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After deciding that their 3DS handheld wasn’t quite summoning the huge pots of golds that they had foreseen, Nintendo recently announced their intention to brutally slash the price of their less than six-month old machine.

The end result; new 3DS buyers could take advantage of the greedy supermarkets trying to 1-UP each other (yeah, I went there) and snag one of Ninty’s handheld eye-bleeders for around £115 or less, representing a saving in the ballpark of roughly half the original March launch RRP.

What about the early adopters though? Those loyal Nintendo zealots who, prior to the spectacular E3 2010 unveiling of the handheld, went down to Primark and snagged as many cheap pairs of spare underwear as they could in hopes of staving off the inevitable pant-apocalypse of excitable urine destruction at the unveiling of some new Ninty hardware; what about them?

Well, they got some recompense in the form of twenty free games.

That’s right, TWENTY FREE games.

Of that number, ten would be NES titles with the remaining ten being GBA titles.

A noble gesture I reckon, yet, a most needed one otherwise those folks who bought the machine at £170-£190 odd quid, would be spitting more fire than Mario after doing a line of Phall-infused fire-flower powder.

This morning though, we actually have the names of the NES games that will become available on September 1st and it isn’t too shabby at all:

Super Mario Bros.
Donkey Kong Jr.
Balloon Fight
Ice Climber
The Legend of Zelda
Wrecking Crew
Mario Open Golf
Mario & Yoshi
Zelda: Adventures of Link

The GBA games will become available towards ‘the end of the year’, and to be eligible to access all this free retro downloadable goodness, you must register your 3DS on the Nintendo eShop by simply accessing it before September 1st. If you haven’t done this, then you need to go onto Ninty’s official site and physically send them your proof of purchase so that they can verify you were one of the poor mugs who paid close to full price for the machine.

Finally, if you can’t be arsed to do any of the above and you were an early adopter; you are a chump and I have no sympathy for you.

Written by bitsnark

August 30, 2011 at 10:27 am

Half An Hour Of Asura’s Wrath Gamescom Developer Commentary Footage Brings The Insane

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Capcom’s community blog Unity has gone live with over thirty minutes of in-game footage and commentary from their forthcoming CyberConnect2 developed crazy fighter, Asura’s Wrath.

The video linked below, quite literally defines the very idea of O.T.T:

It also seemingly provides an indication of the results that you would expect from liberal use of LSD in the creative minds of Japanese games developers too.

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August 26, 2011 at 10:29 am

Don’t Forget Folks: The Secret World Beta Sign Ups Start Tomorrow

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In case you didn’t know or in case your completely forgot, tomorrow is the day whereupon you can sign up for some beta action of Funcom’s forthcoming supernatural Illuminati themed PC MMO, The Secret World.

Ideally, if you’re interested in some beta fun with Funcom’s latest (that just sounds dirty), click the link below tomorrow to stick your name in the virtual hat:

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August 25, 2011 at 8:17 pm

GTA V: In-Game Footage Does The Rounds! (Not Really – But Worth A Laugh)

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Divert your eyes here:

Oh come on. It won’t be much different to that you and you know it.

Funny as all hell though.

Written by bitsnark

August 25, 2011 at 12:31 pm

So Yeah… Someone Went And Made A Live-Action Portal Short Film

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And you know what? It’s actually pretty fucking good.

Take a look for yourself:

Written by bitsnark

August 24, 2011 at 12:18 pm

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