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E3 2008: Naruto: The Broken Bond announced exclusively for XBOX 360

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It appears that Naruto just keeps rising on the 360. Okay, crappy lame pun but on the serious side, last year’s only decent Naruto title will be receiving a sequel this Winter, in the form of Naruto: The Broken Bond.

Set directly after the events of the first game, the sequel promises more of the same questing and exploration that made the original such a refreshing change from the usual one-on-one fighting genre that the franchise usually caters for.

In addition to this, we can expect a co-op mode where up to 25 other character’s from the Naruto universe can be used, an expanded online tournament mode and a much larger world to explore with many more quests and tasks to complete.

Given my fandom for Naruto i’m quite excited by this, so hopefully for those of you who share my excitement, we’ll all hear more soon.

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July 24, 2008 at 11:46 pm

E3 2008: More release date goodness! Gears Of War 2 confirmed for November 7th 2008

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For those of you such as myself who are itching to stick a chainsaw where the locust sun don’t shine, don’t fret, your macarbe longings will be satitated on November 7th, when Gears Of War 2 gets it’s worldwide release date.

Where do I sign up?

Oh, and for the limited edition obsessed out there, MS is also chucking out a collectors edition with bits and pieces that you may or may not be interested in.

Take a look:

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July 24, 2008 at 11:46 am

E3 2008: Little Big Planet confirmed for an October 2008 EU Release

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In one perhaps one of the best tidbits of news to come out of what was otherwise a somewhat dull E3, Sony announced that their massively creative title Little Big Planet, will hit Western territories with due aplomb when it arrives in October this year.

I personally cannot wait for this, and if you don’t know what it is, click on the link below:

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July 24, 2008 at 11:43 am

E3 2008: Dead Rising – ‘Chop Til You Drop’ announced for the Wii

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In perhaps one of the more unexpected conversions that could have been announced, Capcom revealed plans to bring novel, but flawed XBOX360 zombie hack’em up title to the Wii. Those of you however who are expecting a cut-down version of the game for the Wii are in for quite a shock.

The title itself looks to push the Wii from a technical standpoint with the Wii version replicating the ‘Swarm technology’ that allowed for close to a hundred detailed zombies on screen at the same time without any slowdown. While there are obvious visual differences between the two versions in terms of resolution and texture detail, the Wii version still manages to pull off an acceptable job of looking like the 360 version. This, combined with all the OTT violence of the 360 original, a new over-the-shoulder viewpoint and specialised Wii controls, will hopefully mean that Wii gamers will be in for a little treat this Winter when the game releases.

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July 22, 2008 at 11:08 am

E3 2008: Nintendo announces MotionPlus for the Wii, allowing full 1:1 movement

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For those of you cheating types out there who screw honest folk out of victories on Wii Bowling by simply nudging the Wiimote backward and then forward without actually emulating proper movement, your time is up.

At E3 Nintendo annoucned MotionPlus, a small motion tracking unit that fits snuggly at the base of the Wiimote, where your nunchuk normally plugs into. The great thing about this cool little gadget is that it gives you full 1:1 movement, which basically means that the action on screen will be manipulated exactly by your real-time movements in the 3-D space that the motion tracker reads.

While this seems great, it will likely fall to Nintendo (as ever) to prove the finer points and generally produce titles that will take advantage of this technology properly. There has also been no word on what effect MotionPlus will have on older titles, but it will likely only work with titles that have had specific code written to take advantage of the newer tech.

Other details remain sketchy too, such as whether or not the shiny new device will be available seperately or ‘phased’ into new Wiimote controllers. The release date is also without confirmation, but will likely be soon as much of Nintendo’s late 08′ slate, takes advantage of MotionPlus.

More as it comes.

(and yes you can still use your nunchuk with the device as it plugs into the bottom of MotionPlus)

Written by bitsnark

July 19, 2008 at 10:41 pm

E3 2008: Banjo-Kazooie coming to XBLA this year

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*cheer* With a personal wish of mine (and I know many others) fulfilled Rare have announced that they will release a conversion of Banjo-Kazooie for XBOX Live Arcade later on this year, and that it will also tie in with the newest title in the series; Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

Seriously people, who hasn’t wanted to see some classic Banjo-Kazooie platforming action on XBLA?

Colour me stoked, and if you don’t like Banjo-Kazooie then sod off and read an article about space hopping or something.

Written by bitsnark

July 19, 2008 at 10:36 pm

E3 2008: Sony announces MAG for PS3 – a 256 player online squad based battle fest

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No i’m not that *special* I didn’t mistype the amount of players, it is actually 256 players online on the same battleground. Developed by Zipper Interactive, MAG (Massive Action Game – please change the title, please!) is a first as it allows 256 players to be involved in a single conflict, sub-divided into squads of eight.

In each squad you have a captain and below that you have various classes (medic, demolition, commandos) that you can be and gain experience with in order to increase your rank and your standing. While only a pre-rendered trailer was shown (getting sick of these), one with a level head could safely assume that gameplay wise the title won’t be a world away from the SOCOM series that the developers originally cut their teeth on.

And that’s all pretty much anyone knows at this stage, more as and when.

Written by bitsnark

July 19, 2008 at 10:24 pm

E3 2008: Fable 2 arrives in October… fans of Union Jack y-fronts rejoice!

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Yet more date confirmations abound, as Microsoft and the ever happy/trippy/mildly insane Peter Molyneux have announced that Fable 2 will be hitting our dusty store shelves sometime in October.

The title itself got a thorough airing at E3, with most critical press being overwhelming positive about just the sheer spectrum of things that you can do between being good or evil.

Everything from (un)protected sex, getting pregnant, getting married, having kids, having an affair, taking care of a pet dog that mimics your behaviour, learning weapon skills, buying property, taking on new quests…. and on and on…

I quite simply don’t have a whole day to go through what makes this game so special in the detail that I would like. So i’ll narrow it down to the first three points that shoot into my caffeine addled brain:

1) You can have a family and depending on how you act they will love or hate you and behave accordingly
2) It has drop-in, drop-out co-op (all the rage these days it seems)
3) You can get a sculptor to a sculpt a statue of you that can be revered if you’re a goodie, or pissed on if you’re a baddie

More soon.

Written by bitsnark

July 19, 2008 at 10:08 pm

E3 2008: Resident Evil 5 given a March 09′ worldwide release date and co-op mode announced

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Hot on the heels of the Resident Evil 5 E3 trailer that was present in both Microsoft’s and Sony’s showreel, news comes to our ears that not only is the title due out simultaneously in all Western territories (our Japanese friends get the game a day early) on March 13 2009, but that also we’ll be able to enjoy Capacom’s latest hyperviolent opus with a friend.

Available online only, the co-op mode that the game contains allows players to literally hop-in and out of the game and peform tandem moves that would be impossible for a single character to do. Players get to play as Resident Evil vet Chris Redfield or as the sassy African intelligence agent, Sheva Alomar as they attempt to root out the cause for the latest virus outbreak in a mysterious African town.

This newest installment appears once again to stick with the third person over-the-shoulder camera that in so many ways redefined the series and in doing so, returns players to the visceral nightmare of sprinting infected zombies, sack faced chainsaw wielding maniacs and of course some of the most satisfying weaponary with which to mess them up with.

I’ll finish with a quote from about how RE5 is shaping up:

‘RE5 is a RE4 on steroids’. Cheap hyperbole maybe, but few can cast disparity on the pedigree behind this title and fewer still would bet against this newest installment being anything other than stellar.

Stay tuned.

Written by bitsnark

July 19, 2008 at 9:51 pm

E3 2008: God Of War III announced for PS3

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God Of War III the newest instalment in Sony’s visceral Greek mythological series finally got announced at E3 2008. Disappointingly no further details or even release dates were mentioned beyond the pre-rendered trailer which depicted a very po-faced Kratos looking across crashing seas and ruined buildings with the tagline ‘In the end there will only be chaos’.

While the teaser was good to confirm the title’s existence, it did nothing else to excite or inform the senses and certainly, there should have been more on display than this.

Written by bitsnark

July 18, 2008 at 8:34 am

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