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Minmay to be played in new English Macross dub by…Mari Iijima?!?

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Macross is one of my mainstaying loves of anime and when I heard that ADV had picked up the rights from AnimEigo, I was kinda dreading the eventuality of an English dub. Well, they now have Mari Iijima, the popular J-pop artist and original seiyuu of Lynn Minmay in the original Japanese Macross TV broadcast, reprising her role for the English dub.

Ok now this sets two big ass precedents. Number one being that this is the first time ever that a voice actor/actress has recorded a performance in both English and Japanese, and number two being that it happened TWENTY THREE years after the original broadcast!

Well colour me knocked for six.

Check out AnimeonDvd’s article regarding the announcement

Look at the pic of Ms. Iijima too, talk about aging gracefully! ^-^

Written by bitsnark

October 22, 2005 at 8:38 pm

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