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Blood + TV Series

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Whoa. Just watching the early fansubbed episodes of this series has me hungering for it in a big way.

Ever since I watched the Blood OVA(the last vampire, review forthcoming BTW), I just wanted more. This was especially true considering the 45 minute running time, didnt allow much exposition of this bloody, visceral world. So imagine my glee when it was actually announced that Production IG, were going ahead with a double season, 52 episode TV series.

I was stoked. And after seeing the first couple of episodes, i’m now ecstatic. The character designs (way different from the OVA) and just the overall style of it all makes it look like a strong series already. I really dont want to say anything more, (at least until I review the damn thing which wont be for a long while yet) but trust me it’s all good.

Enough rambling though, take a look at the official site:

I really, I *really* hope this gets a good license.

Already on my ‘To Buy’ list! =o)

Written by bitsnark

October 28, 2005 at 12:05 am

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