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ADV’s Macross is looming…

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Dammit. I didnt even realise how close it was. Yup, ADV’s license marks the second release of the cherished (certainly by me anyways) and classic original Macross TV series in North America. Although I already own the AnimEigo sets, I still want the ADV set just outta a morbid curiosity for a) the dub and b) possible extras considering they’re going with a two-disc format for each volume.

Plus! I think the box art looks quite nice too, whaddya think? (cut ‘n’ paste that sucker)

Macross is currently due for (re)release on the 10th of January and runs 36 Episodes across seven volumes. Get saving kids! ^_~

Written by bitsnark

December 17, 2005 at 7:45 pm

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