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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children English Cast and U.S Release Date Now Official

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Yup it’s in the books, Square Enix’s long awaited CG continuation of the supremely successful RPG Final Fantasy VII, will hit DVD and UMD on April 25th… In the U.S. A U.K date? Well Somewhere in mid-June sounds reasonable to me, but I wouldnt be surprised if it slipped back to September.

As far as the English voice cast goes, there are a couple of Hollywood alumini there, such as Mena Suvari as tear-jerking Aerith Gainsborough and Rachel Leigh Cook as feisty Tifa Lockheart. There are also a couple of anime mainstays in there too, such as Steve Blum (Spike in Cowboy Bebop and Mugen in Samurai Champloo) as Vincent Valentine, and Crispin Freeman (Alucard in Hellsing) as Turk flunky Rude.

Although the casting choices seem good for the most part, I cant help but think that Mr. Freeman and Mr. Blum should have their roles reversed. Crispin Freeman would prove to be an excellent Vincent Valentine, based on his performance as Alucard in Pioneer’s Hellsing, I thought it was a dead lock, but oh well.

Here’s the list of folk contributing their vocal talents to the English dub.

Steve Burton as Cloud Strife

Mena Suvari as Aerith Gainsborough

Quinton Flynn as Reno

Rachael Leigh Cook as Tifa Lockhart

Steve Staley as Kadaj

Wally Wingert as Rufus ShinRa

Andrea Bowen as Girl

Beau Billingslea as Barett Wallace

Benjamin Bryan as Denzel

Bettina Bush as Elena

Chris Edgerly as Cid Highwind

Christy Romano as Yuffie Kisaragi

Crispin Freeman as Rude

Dave Wittenberg as Yazoo

Fred Tatasciore as Loz

George Newbern as Sephiroth

Grace Rolek as Marlene Wallace

Gregg Ellis as Cait Sith

Jamieson Price as Reeve

Liam O’Brien as Red XIII

Rick Gomez as Zack

Ryun Yu as Tseng

Steven Blum as Vincent Valentine

Apparently the delay of the Western release of Advent Children has been down to the finialising of the voice cast, which if you look includes many crossover performances from the recently announced Kingdom Hearts II dub, and also the inclusion of extra bonus features.

While the film may be old news to those who have downloaded it from the internet, I still implore those of you who have to stump up the funds for either the region 1 or 2 release, as the film is such that it deserves it. Well i’ll get off my soap box now 🙂 Review coming as soon as I get my hands on the Reigon 1 DVD.

Stay tuned.

Written by bitsnark

February 18, 2006 at 7:52 pm

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