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E3 back in LA!

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After a disappointingly flat and somewhat soulless E3 this year, most people (myself included) had kinda hoped that the bright chaps who organised it last time (the ESA) would come to their senses and restore E3 to the fanboy pant-wetting spectale that it was in years gone by.

Well for next years shindig, E3 finds itself back at home once more in the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

However, before people get their hopes too high up, the ESA has still said that the event will be a smaller spectacle than before and the focus will once again be smaller organised presentations, as opposed to the huge blowouts that we all knew and loved prior to 2007.

The bastards.

I want my booth babes. =o)

Written by bitsnark

December 18, 2007 at 10:47 pm

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