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Soul Calibur IV feels the force…

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In a news tidbit thats either going to be labelled totally cool or totally dumb, Namco Bandai showed a new trailer of Soul Calibur IV depicting Darth Vader and Yoda as secret characters at CES.

Apparently, it will be a similar situation to Soul Calibur II whereby each format (PS3&360) will have a character exclusive to their respective machine – 360 owners get the wise green turd whereas PS3 owners get the hard breathing armored goth. While i’m sure the ironic colour coordination of those two characters to their respective consoles didn’t escape Lucasarts when they brokered the deal, logic instead seems to have, I mean the trailer depicts Mitsurugi blocking a lightsaber strike with his sword.

A lightsaber would cut through a sodding piece of metal any day of the week, anyways, with pedantic Star Wars fanboy hat firmly taken off, I can see how this will be kinda cool (just to see their endings will be worth a chuckle in all probability) but I can also see how sales of the PS3 SKU would be bigger as everyone thinks Darth Vader is cooler right?


Linkage below for the trailer if you lot want to take a look:

Written by bitsnark

January 10, 2008 at 7:20 pm

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