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EA sets its plans for the next 18 months including a Bioware developed KOTOR?

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For those of you drooling at that concept like me, reports that EA’s latest set of financials has revealed a number of titles that have been suspected to be in development, but are now due out in the next 18 months including:

Mass Effect 2 & 3 (360/PC) (Bioware)
KOTOR sequel (Unknown) (Bioware)
Star Wars MMO (PC) (Bioware)
Lord Of The Rings RPG (360/PS3) (Pandemic)
Black 2 (360/PS3)(Criterion)
Skate 2 (360/PS3) (In-house)
New Burnout (360/PS3) (Criterion)
New Need For Speed (Everything, ever.) (In-House)

Thats a lot of heavy hitters there. As far as the KOTOR situation goes, it’s interesting that both the MMO and the much wanted KOTOR sequel are listed as seperate games, effectively dispelling the fact that they are one and the same game.

Still, being the kind of cyncial soul that I am, i’ll have my salt shaker at the ready until I get more concrete info on any kind of KOTOR sequel that isn’t an MMO, before EA chalk it up to a ‘misinterpretation’ by the media.

Oh also, on the subject of the Lord Of The Rings title, it seems as if many (including myself) were perhaps eager to latch onto the fact that it was developed by Bioware, as it appears that Pandemic is handling the duties for this one, leading many to believe that the title will rediscover it’s action roots from the old EA titles (less action, more RPG please).

Hopefully though, with Bioware and Pandemic in such tight cahoots these days, we’ll get a decent bit of both.

Written by bitsnark

February 13, 2008 at 8:27 pm

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