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The Haze is clearing…

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Yet again, Ubisoft have committed to a release window for their oft-delayed, platformed confused FPS, Haze, this time ladies and gentlemen, we have May.

Haze has had quite a storied history, originally being announced as a PS3 exclusive, and then later confirmed to arrive on the 360, Haze finally went back to square one again, and was re-confirmed as a PS3 exclusive.

Like the change of platform, the change of release dates was also mirrored, with the game slipping several times from April of last year, to November and now to May this year.

Whether or not the game makes it’s expected release date window is another thing, and certainly something up for question, but as with any title that gets delayed, one can only hope that the delay benefits the final quality of the game ^_~

Written by bitsnark

February 26, 2008 at 10:23 pm

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