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Details trickle out about Pandemic’s LOTR game – Lord Of The Rings: Conquest

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After the announcement sometime ago, details have finally started to wash down to us common folk from the great EA dam, about what we can expect from the newest installment in the LOTR gaming franchise.

Firstly, the pedigree of the developer Pandemic has meant that LOTR: Conquest apparently feels a lot like a Star Wars: Battlefront game, with various objectives and side missions to be completed on each map.

Like those games also, LOTR: Conquest allows players to play pretty much all the battles of Tolkien lore as pretty much all the sides, each with their own respective classes and abilities. The obligitary online modes are also promised, with a mooted sixteen player limit possibly subject to change.

Those folks over at IGN have posted an intersting in-depth interview with the development leads on the project.

Head over and take a look:

Written by bitsnark

May 10, 2008 at 9:21 pm

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