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E3 2008: Sony announces MAG for PS3 – a 256 player online squad based battle fest

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No i’m not that *special* I didn’t mistype the amount of players, it is actually 256 players online on the same battleground. Developed by Zipper Interactive, MAG (Massive Action Game – please change the title, please!) is a first as it allows 256 players to be involved in a single conflict, sub-divided into squads of eight.

In each squad you have a captain and below that you have various classes (medic, demolition, commandos) that you can be and gain experience with in order to increase your rank and your standing. While only a pre-rendered trailer was shown (getting sick of these), one with a level head could safely assume that gameplay wise the title won’t be a world away from the SOCOM series that the developers originally cut their teeth on.

And that’s all pretty much anyone knows at this stage, more as and when.

Written by bitsnark

July 19, 2008 at 10:24 pm

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