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Ahh tears of nostalgic joy! The Duke IS back on XBLA as previously reported

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This little quote comes courtsey of 3D Realms themselves:

‘We’re very pleased to announce that “Duke Nukem 3D for Xbox LIVE Arcade” will be coming to your Xbox 360 console soon!

As has been reported around the net today, we can confirm that the game has indeed passed final certification with Microsoft on Friday the 15th of August (on our first try, no less). That means the game is done – it is now in the hands of Microsoft. At this time we cannot give you details on release date or points cost, as we do not have that information. There’s plenty of really cool stuff in this new update to a classic title.’

Awesome. Hopefully, we can all start betting on Duke sooner rather than later.

Written by bitsnark

August 19, 2008 at 6:52 am

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