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Hollywood’s affair with game adaptations: Army Of Two to hit the big screen

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In what seems to be an increasingly popular venture in recent times, yet another title is due to receive the game-to-film treatment. T

his time, it’s EA’s less than stellar co-op shooter Army of Two. Intriguingly, I believe that a movie is perhaps a more suitable home for the buddy antics contained within the game, and as a result, would fall quite nicely into the ‘Lethal Weapon’ category of those sorts of films.

What I would suggest is that they perhaps tone down some of the silly stereotyping (one mission has the pair shooting wave upon wave of suicide bombers, blowing up as they do) and look at the setting a little bit more sensibly.

In terms of production duties, Bourne Ultimatum co-writer Scott Z Burns is working on the script with Peter Berg (The Rundown, The Kingdom, Hancock) in talks for the directors chair.

More when it turns up.

Written by bitsnark

October 24, 2008 at 4:20 pm

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