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Cryptic flash page on the official Konami site suggest a 360 MGS installment *may* be incoming…

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In the spirit of annoying viral marketing, Konami Productions has updated it’s official site flash page with what appears to be two green exclamation marks, a plus sign and a green ‘power’ logo that doesn’t appear to be totally dissimilar to the one present on the front of the 360 console.

Let the speculation commence…

A port of MGS4? – Possibly – MGS4 took a lot of money to make and Konami Productions (much to the chagrin of series creator Hideo Kojima, said that there was ‘opportunity’ for the title to reach ‘other’ console owners.

MGS 5 – Highly unlikely. While MGS4 might get a 360 conversion, I doubt that the next MGS game will debut on 360 (simultaneously or otherwise with a PS3 version) as development history that Sony has with Konami on the MGS franchise, proves that Sony platforms, are the primary development platform for the franchise.

The original MGS on XBLA – The most likely. Given the fact that the original MGS has itself been mooted for a PSN debut, it’s certainly quite likely that the title would be given a release on XBLA.

As always this is just speculation which is always fun, but I guess we just have to play the waiting game on this one.

Link below:

Written by bitsnark

December 5, 2008 at 11:21 am

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