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Idle Minds: Free Radical Design’s Wayward Projects

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With the unfortunate dissolving of Free Radical Design after the somewhat over-hyped and under-performing PS3 FPS Haze, it seems that NDA agreements went out the window and the exiled ex-employees were free to talk about the projects that they had been working on – namely Star Wars Battlefront 3 and Timesplitters 4.

Star Wars Battlefront 3
With work underway on this title since the announced collaboration with Lucasarts back in 2006, it was generally considered that this title would be a tentpole release for the studio this year, capitalising on the eponymous licence and the popularity of the Battlefront series of games.

It’s still quite possible that this would be moved to another developer (possibly Rebellion, who were responsible for the PSP Battlefront iteration) given the sizeable fan base that exists for the series, but any such announcement would be a long ways off, and given the skeleton crew that Free Radical has left, it’s unlikely that it would be developed internally by themselves.

Timesplitters 4
When the Free Radical closure was announcement it was always Timesplitters 4, that would be at the forefront of gamer’s minds as they ranted on forums about how ‘This shit sucks’ as the game that was most wanted but will never be. The pick up possibility for this game is slim to nothing unless Free Radical are bought out by another company and then are able to successfully restucture.

Even then, the hypothetical company in question may simply feel that the franchise has had it’s day and may not pursue it (given the previous title’s lacklustre sales figures).

Not exactly happiness and roses is it?

More as and when info comes in about these projects.

Written by bitsnark

January 5, 2009 at 3:27 pm

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