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Brain Farts: Far Cry 2 (360)

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And so some two and a half months after it’s original release, I sat down with Far Cry 2 for the first time and put about three hours into it.

Here are some random brain farts from my time with the game:

– Wow, nice pyromaniac encouraging explosions.
– Oooh look the bush caught on fire and is spreading to everything.. LET THE WORLD BURN!
– For the love of god, do I HAVE to drive 15 freaking km just to blow up a truck that looks EXACTLY the same as the one I blew up on the last side mission?
– Am I the only one amused by the fact that my car just got turned into swiss cheese by a mounted gun emplacement, yet I was able to repair it by simply popping the hood and using a wrench?
– My gun just jammed on me… you mean I have to look after what weapons I use too?… that’s fairly cool.
– I can’t actually tell the difference between the two factions. At all.
– Very, very pretty environments, nice and expansive…
– Why can’t my safehouses look different?
– Is EVERYBODY in Africa this hostile??
– Why the heck can’t objectives be closer to each other?… cue yet more driving so Ubisoft can force me to revel in all this lovely scenery that they’ve created.
– A touch samey perhaps? Very similar objectives thus far consisting of either blowing up an outpost or blowing up a convoy.
– This guy must be the worst malaria sufferer in the world.
– Not to mention the worst sprinter; 5-7 seconds of full sprint and my ex-SAS commando is out of breath….yeah ok…
– Talk about phoning it in with the VA, now where did I see that feature about the worst VA in videogames…
– Why do my jumps result in a lame bunny hop that takes me precisely nowhere?
– Repetitive though it may be, thoroughly ruining outposts is a lot of fun and puts the impressive physics through their paces.
– Oh hey look, I’ve been attacked by another shoddy pick up truck with a gun on it…
– Pulling bullets out of my arm and leg when injured… I like.
– The night and day cycles are pretty awesome so far as enemies actually don’t roam about much at night and night time raids on bases tend to be a more stealthy affair.
– Where the heck is all the pistol ammo?!
– I must have killed a guy with the same face at least 15 times in the last 20 minutes. I suspect my arms dealer is a clone also…
– Yay I can swim!… but I seemingly can’t clamber up onto uneven surfaces above the height of 7 inches….
– Very nice rag doll animations…
– I hope there is more to this game then what I have seen so far… somehow, even if there isn’t, I have a strange compulsion to see this one through to the end…

I’ll post a review as soon as i’m done with it, but it looks like a big one so don’t hold your breath 🙂

Written by bitsnark

January 14, 2009 at 2:45 pm

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