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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Armada Of The Damned Announced For 360, PS3 & PC

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Pirates haven’t exactly been graced with good videogame representation have they? I mean outside of Sid Meier’s Pirates!, the licensed PoTC videogame properties have been on the wrong side of complete gash.

Luckily, it would seem that a change of direction is in order, with the newest title being set in an open world environment, Armada Of The Damned is set before the events of the first film.

In this sandbox, players can run their own ship, go after treasure, swash-buckle, make moral choices that affect gameplay and story elements and watch their character ‘age’ through an over-indulgence in the ale or battle scars picked up from vicious sword fights.

From my perspective the change to an RPG style sandbox is a good one, taking the series away from it’s shoddy brawler roots that made the most recent installments based on the films so drearily banal and dull.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Armada Of The Damned is due to hit PS3, 360 and PC platforms in autumn 2010.

IGN have the full scoop:

Written by bitsnark

May 27, 2009 at 10:11 am

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