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E3 2009 – Microsoft Conference: Modern Warfare 2 – Timed Exclusive DLC For 360 Owners

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Something which got a big reveal and accompanying six-minute demo, was Infinity Wards upcoming FPS blockbuster sequel Modern Warfare 2. Xbox fanboys hoping/praying for an exclusive release here were disappointed as no such exclusivity agreement materialised.

What they did get however to lift their spirits, was the news that the first two map packs would arrive on their console first; surely a deciding factor in regards to which version to buy.

Well, that and the control pad.

Modern Warfare 2 however, looked incredible and as the MS conference video linked below aptly demonstrates, it will outdo the highly praised original in the ‘All-The-Shit-That-Happens-At-Once’ stakes:

Some information on the part of Modern Warfare 2 that people are *really* interested in, y’know the multiplayer, has unfortunately remained lacking so here is hoping that we hear something sooner rather than later on that front.

Written by bitsnark

June 3, 2009 at 1:40 pm

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