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E3 2009: Sony Conference – The Last Guardian Announced

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One of the games of the show, if not THE game of the show, came from Sony and Team ICO and it has a name – The Last Guardian. Leaked some three weeks before E3, the trailer for ‘Project Trico’ as it was then known was simply mind blowing and reportedly a year old.

Effortlessly showcasing the artful decadence that Team ICO is famed for, along with a real, tangible emotional link between a boy and his monstrous (yet cute) guardian, the trailer was greeted with overwhelmingly positive fanfare.

At the Sony Conference, an extended trailer of the title was debuted and despite the fact that some of the wind may have been taken out of the proverbial sails of the announcement due to the leaked trailer, the title wowed show goers nonetheless.

Ultimately, just like Shadow of the Colossus and ICO before it, The Last Guardian is sure to be one of the most critically acclaimed and visually arresting titles of the Playstation 3’s lifetime when it is released in 2010, creating a synergy between the artistic, emotional and gameplay mechanics that few (if any) developers can ever match.

Games like this aren’t just mere pieces of disposable entertainment, they take your emotional state to a different place outside of your typical gaming experiences. A mature realm where wonderment, discovery, happiness and tragedy interweave seamlessly, and you, the gamer are fully entertained and emotionally stimulated beyond what you thought a mere ‘video game’ could achieve.

I simply cannot wait for this, and I’m not alone.

Written by bitsnark

June 9, 2009 at 2:38 pm

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