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E3 2009: Nintendo Conference – New Super Mario Bros Wii

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One of two Mario titles announced at the show for the Wii, although New Super Mario Bros wasn’t exactly what a lot of people were expecting, it was still a welcome surprise nonetheless.

Taking inspiration from the NDS New Super Mario Bros title, the game is a 2D affair with the focus on multiplayer co-operative and competitive gaming. Visually bright and cheerful in much the same fashion the DS version was, this Wii iteration seemed to be simple yet fun to play, allowing players to combine the talents of the various characters to overcome obstacles or reach areas not accessible by solo play.

Although aesthetically the title looks like an NDS or even WiiWare title, graphics perhaps remain a secondary consideration here as it is the time tested Mario 2D formula and multiplayer antics which are the stars of the show. No other details were given in regard to size of the title or other modes that might be included, but one unfortunate fact that was confirmed was that the title will not allow online multiplayer; a missed opportunity for sure.

Wii New Super Mario Bros should launch in the Autumn for a price TBD.

Written by bitsnark

June 12, 2009 at 3:16 pm

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