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E3 2009: Nintendo Conference – Metroid: Other M Developed By Team Ninja Announced For Wii

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If there was one Nintendo game announcement that we wouldn’t have ever have predicted it would be this, Metroid: Other M; A Team-Ninja developed Metroid title. Hold that thought for a second… A Team Ninja developed Metroid title…

Breathing a breath of fresh air into a franchise recently emboldened and invigorated by its recent 3D outings, Metroid: Other M is poised as a ‘darker’ Metroid title which going by the jaw-dropping video trailer, combines the 3D blasting of the Prime titles, with the 2D frenetic action that formed the cornerstone for the series for so many years.

No doubt like the Ninja Gaiden titles, Metroid: Other M will be a more mature affair, high on action, Samus sex-appeal and of course, the kind of brain punishing hardcore experience for which Team Ninja are famed for.

Currently slated for release in 2010, Metroid: Other M shows a welcome reinvigoration for a franchise looking for a new a direction and with Team Ninja at the helm, I fully expect on Metroid: Other M, to fully deliver on its initial promise.

Written by bitsnark

June 16, 2009 at 10:44 am

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