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Lucasarts New Game Is Xbox Live Arcade Title Called ‘Lucidity’

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Due for a release ‘later this month’ according to the Gametrailers TV reveal, Lucidity is *not* a Star Wars title or related spin off but rather a 2D side scrolling platform puzzler for XBOX Live Arcade.

It centers around a young girl known as Sophie who presses forward through the world on her own accord, challenging the player to place various objects and other items in front of her to create a safe passage through a somewhat off-beat looking dream scape.

Looking quite similar to 2008 XBLA darling ‘Braid’, the title will boast a thirty level campaign with an additional fifteen that can be unlocked at a later juncture.


Take a look:

Written by bitsnark

September 11, 2009 at 10:23 am

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