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Star Ocean 4 Confirmed For PS3

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When is an exclusive not an exclusive? These days exclusives only stay that way if companies pay extreme amounts of cash ($50 million for GTA DLC for example) to ensure that remains the case, but in pretty much all other examples you can expect a previously ‘exclusive’ title to arrive on the other console(s) within 6-9 months.

The latest example of this being Star Ocean 4. Previously an exclusive to the 360, the title is now wending it’s way to the PS3 early next year under the title Star Ocean 4: International. Unlike Eternal Sonata and Tales Of Vesperia, which were ‘exclusives’ also, no additional upgraded features or extra content has been announced thus far for the PS3 version of Star Ocean 4.

So there you have it PS3 owners, Star Ocean never left your console, it just took a little vacation.

Star Ocean 4 is tentatively due to hit the PS3 in Europe early next year.

Written by bitsnark

September 18, 2009 at 9:44 am

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