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Rumour: Sega Looking To Release Dreamcast Titles On PSN & Sony Using PSN To Distribute PS2 Titles

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One of the more bizarre, but no less interesting, rumours of late is that Sega and Sony have apparently been in recent discussions to bring Dreamcast titles to the platform. The alleged deal would ensure that the titles would be exclusive for a ‘long period’ of time, in exchange for substantial marketing support from Sony.

Ok, hold the hell up.

Could we really see the likes of Shenmue and Jet Set Radio on PSN? A fangasmic dream no doubt and while certainly plausible, it reeks every so slightly of a hoax due to the fact that it is simply seems too-damn-good-to-be-true.

The next piece of related rumour however, does sound like its more tangible. The rumour goes on to say that ‘Sony want to sell all PS2 games via PSN’.

Interestingly, this rumour actually has some legitimite weight to it, as earlier this year, Sony filed a patent that would allow the Cell processor inside the PS3 to fully emulate the PS2’s processor and graphical architecture.

Additionally, mention is also made of allowing full Japanese PS2 titles on PSN with a ‘minimal amount of localisation: (read menus only)’. These titles would then be in their own ‘import’ category and marketed accordingly.

The source for these rumours was actually a marketing document, ‘discovered’ in a PR FTP folder, and whilst it all does reek of awesomeness, it does so of unsubstantiated rumour in equal quantity.

Expect a full denial by Sony/Sega in the short term.

For those interested a link to the document can be found below:

Written by bitsnark

September 22, 2009 at 12:22 pm

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