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Famitsu Leaks KOEI’s Fist Of The North Star Title

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Swirling around the internets of late has been the rumour that Dyansty Warriors developer KOEI would be developing an entirely new title based on the popular ultra violent Hokuto No Ken (Fist of The North Star) anime franchise. The rumour was further bolstered by a mysterious teaser trailer depicting a woman dressed in white, standing atop a ruined building in a post-apocalyptic landscape with a flower falling serenely through the air.

Today Famitsu can claim to lay the rumours to rest with an exclusive scoop on the KOEI developed Fist Of The North Star title now known as Hokutou Musou. Echoing the mass beat-em up gameplay of KOEI staple series Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, Hokutou Musou allows players to choose characters from Fist Of The North Star lore such as series hero Kenshiro and take them on a round tour of popular scenarios in the series’ story, all the while laying body exploding beatdowns on the armies of thug fodder that stand before you.

Beyond this, precious few other details have been revealed. For the rest we will have to wait until the title receives its full unveiling tomorrow.

For the longest time, i’ve found myself disenfranchised with the motonony of KOEI’s uninventive mass-battle titles but I am a massive Hokuto No Ken fan and if anything will get me excited for one of their ‘Warriors style titles again, it’ll be this license.

Written by bitsnark

October 13, 2009 at 4:00 pm

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