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Daytona HD Remake Now A Reality

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Running the mill ‘o’ rumour as of late has been the tidbit that Sega’s 1993’s Daytona USA would be remade in HD and relaunched in the arcades. Well, the rumour is true as Sega have now confirmed that the previously titled ‘Sega Racing Classic’ is in fact a HD remake of the beloved arcade racer and will hit Japanese arcades shortly.

Running off of Sega’s ‘Ringwide’ arcade hardware, the title currently runs in 720p and supports four player link up, a billboard leader display and all of the tracks from the original re-rendered in shiny HD vision.

No news on a 360 or PS3 conversion as of yet, but given the fact that the visual output of the ‘Ringwide’ hardware powering the title could be easily reproduced on those home formats, one would hope it’s only a matter of time.


Written by bitsnark

October 19, 2009 at 12:42 pm

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