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Nintendo Officially Unveils The Nintendo DSi LL

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Japanese console giant and white knight to the hearts of casual gamers everywhere Nintendo, have today unveiled the newest incremental update to their Nintendo DS/DSi console.

Dubbed the DSi LL the unit will be identical in specification to the existing DSi with the exception being that the screens are now a fair bit larger at 4.2 inches in size the only other hardware change is a slight alteration of the placement of the speaker holes. In keeping with the ‘Go large’ theme, the console also sports a king-sized stylus.

There are no firm American or European release dates yet outside of 2010, but the console is tentatively scheduled to land in our oversized giant hands sometime early next year with a different name: DSi XL. Additionally, the console is expected to retail for more than the current DSi model too.

And no, they didn’t clarify what LL means.

Written by bitsnark

October 29, 2009 at 12:38 pm

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