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EA Confirms Criterion Developed Need For Speed Title Next Year & New Medal Of Honor

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To let folks know that they aren’t resting on their yearly laurels, EA Games Label President Frank Gibeau has been discussing the need to revitalise many of EA’s core franchises.

To this end, a new Need For Speed title has been confirmed for next year with Burnout developer Criterion at the helm and a new Medal Of Honor title by an unspecified developer, which would mark a nearly three year hiatus for the once dominant WWII FPS franchise.

With Criterion handing the reins for the next Need For Speed title, it seems inevitable that the franchise will continue it’s trend of trying a different approach to the racing genre. A giddy prospect no doubt with Criterion at the helm, but also a somewhat sad one as the most recent title in the franchise, Need For Speed: Shift, was released to a decent amount of critical praise and seemed to indicate that EA had at last created a racing title that not only had found it’s groove at last, but could also compete with its contemporary peers.

As far as a new Medal Of Honor title goes, no details whatsoever have been released outside of a confirmation that the title IS coming. As far as potential settings go, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see the WWII scenario hashed out again, given that the whole modern warfare schtick is already pretty hotly contested by a little title called Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare series and even by EA’s own Battlefield: Bad Company franchise. Personally, I would like to see a new Medal Of Honor title combining the best of Call of Duty and Brothers In Arms franchises; giving us a heady mixture of realistic jaw dropping set pieces and emotional situations, characters and dialog.

Surely its not too much to ask is it?

Written by bitsnark

November 10, 2009 at 12:13 pm

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