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Capcom Officially Announces Final Fight/Magic Sword Double Pack For Release On XBLA & PSN Next Year

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The digital download news deluge continues today with IGN confirming that Capcom intends to re-release a double pack of classic side scrolling titles Final Fight and Magic Sword sometime next year.

A classic side scrolling fighter, Final Fight cast up to two players as one of three quite different characters, as they attempt to rescue the Mayor’s daughter from the laughably named ‘Mad Gear’ gang by using their own unarmed fighting skills as well as any other weapons that come to hand.

Magic Sword on the other hand, takes the side scrolling genre and dumps it in a fantasy setting. Here the player must take their hero across the various stages in attempt to kill a big bad tyrant who seeks to do all kinds of nasty things to people, and quite possibly rabbits. The innovation that Magic Sword had over it’s side scrolling peers, was that the player could recruit allies as they progressed who would then aid in combat as well as providing other useful talents such as healing or stealing treasure.

I’m quite the sucker for side scrolling fighters, so Capcom; I salute you.

Written by bitsnark

December 1, 2009 at 10:21 am

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