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New Medal Of Honor For 360, PC & PS3 In 2010. Modern Setting Confirmed.

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EA today have confirmed that the next Medal Of Honor title due for 360, PS3 and PC in 2010 will in fact be set in modern times and specifically, in-torn-from-the-headlines Afghanistan.

From the details that have been released, the title aims to put gamers in the dusty boots of a ‘Tier 1 operative’. These folks are essentially the cream of the crop American Special Operations division and are, well, pretty damn tough as you might expect.

No details regarding the gameplay have been released outside of the fact that the folks behind the lauded Battlefield franchise EA DICE, will be handling multiplayer development duties. A good choice especially given the fact that few dev outfits know multiplayer as well as the titular Swedish studio do.

One other interesting tidbit is one that concerns the release of the game in 2010. Every other year Infinity Ward develop an installment of Call Of Duty for Activision, however 2010 will be an ‘off-year’ for them and by the time Medal Of Honor arrives, Modern Warfare 2 will no longer be so fresh in people’s minds, thereby granting EA a good window to reassert the Medal Of Honor franchise.

The title is expected to get a full unveiling at the Spike Video Game Awards next Saturday, where the world exclusive trailer is due to be shown.

Written by bitsnark

December 3, 2009 at 3:42 pm

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