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Sega Officially Confirms Yakuza 3 To Hit Western Territories In Spring 2010

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Yes, yes and yes!

No that isn’t a soundbite from a crude 80’s era adult movie but instead a fraction of the elation that Yakuza fans are feeling at the moment.

With hopes initially seemingly dashed by the Yakuza 2’s poor sales numbers, it seemed like that we would never get to see a localisation of the critically acclaimed gangster RPG threequel in the West.

Recently, speculation and rumour began running rampant that localisation on the title had been completed and fans suspected it was only a matter of time until the title headed West.

Well, here we are. Sega have confirmed that Yakuza 3 will be released in Western territories sometime in Spring 2010 exclusively on PS3. Instead of a cheesy/crappy localised dub, we’re also getting full Japanese voice acting with subtitles.

As nature intended.

A doff of the cap to you Sega, you done good.

See, games companies DO listen to fans. Now Sega, about that other free-roaming RPG title that you guys did for the Dreamcast that needs a sequel…

Written by bitsnark

December 8, 2009 at 4:44 pm

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