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SCEE Confirms UK Price Of GOW III Collectors Edition At £109.99

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Get ready to sell your granny and maybe rob a bank or two as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today confirmed that the ‘Ultimate Trilogy Edition’ of the forthcoming awesomeness that is God Of War III, will in fact retail for £109.99 in the UK.


For your cash you get the God Of War Collection (Region free and around £25 to import at the moment), soundtracks for all three titles, exclusive DLC skins, making of DVD and other production materials.

Oh, and it all comes in one big ornate looking box too.

Worth the cash? Possibly not. But those with far too much money and an obsessive love for Sony’s mythological series, will find their collector tastes quite well satisfied with this huge collectors edition.

The rest of us meanwhile will just import the God Of War collection, buy God Of War III at £32.99 on release and shrug our shoulders at the extra ‘content’ while we save fifty odd quid.

Written by bitsnark

January 11, 2010 at 3:14 pm

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