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Development On The Western Version Of Final Fantasy XIII Is Complete

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Well, here we are. Development on perhaps the most eagerly awaited RPG of this generation is complete and has now been fully localised into English. Most impressively all of the character models have had their lip-synching routines redone to more accurately reflect the English language.

As far as the game goes itself, we’re told that the Western version is identical to the Japanese version in so far as no extra features have been added (a not uncommon occurence when FF games were previously released (see FFXII)).

360 owners should be happy too, as the 360 version was said to be ‘no different’ visually to the PS3 version when popular gaming site took the opportunity to see the elusive 360 version during the FFXIII tour which got started earlier this week.

The only differences appear to be a slight decrease in audio quality and CG sequences, due in no small part to the compression needed to fit the title on three or four DVD’s, instead of one shiny Blu-Ray disc.

Still, this is milestone at least and just think; it is less than two months until you can get your mitts on Final Fantasy XIII.

Regardless of import reviews and previews bemoaning its supposedly linear gameplay structure and strict adherence to the JRPG template, I am still excited.

Damn excited.

Written by bitsnark

January 14, 2010 at 9:39 am

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