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Sega Gives More Details On The Next Sonic Title – Project Needlemouse

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Last year Sega announced a new Sonic title, but one that ditches the 3D perspective that has plagued the series in recent years. Designed to be played in 2D with 3D graphics and backgrounds, Project Needlemouse as it is tentatively known, will hopefully reinvigorate the flagging blue mascot and his beleaguered series of games.

The first thing that they did right was to ditch the 3D perspective, essentially applying a ‘Hi-Def’ upgrade to the 2D gameplay that everyone wanted to start with. Well, the next thing that they did right was to recently announce that there would be no other playable characters in the game. That’s right, no flying foxes with dual tails, big fat cats or a Sonic that change into a werewolf.

Just sonic. In 2D.

Right, that’s two things that they have right. Hopefully, this will lead to good things, but i’m still not going to hold my breath until I get some eyes-on in regards to some in-game footage.

Written by bitsnark

January 17, 2010 at 7:35 pm

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