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Shenmue 3 Can Happen, Only If One Of The Platform Holders Pays For It – SEGA

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In an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Sega has said that it would really like to develop Shenmue 3, but stated that a sequel to the unfinished franchise would only happen if Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft fronted up the cash to make it.

“SEGA also mentioned the chance of one of the three hardware makers financing the game’s (Shenmue III) production in exchange for an exclusivity deal.” According to the Famitsu article.

The reason why a third game has never materialised was due to the insanely high production costs that the first two titles racked up, but never made back due to poor sales.

Understandably, Sega is anxious to avoid big red numbers on their balance sheets as a result and this explains the reasoning behind asking one of the platform holders to fund development in exchange for exclusivity. One has to wonder though, would the costs really be *that* high for the title?

Another Sega title, Yakuza 3 found itself in a similar situation with two previously underperforming titles in its series that everybody thought meant death for Yakuza 3 in the West. Yet here we are, Yakuza 3 is due to hit Western territories next month, and just like Shenmue, boasts a similar level of exploration, combat and of course, lots and lots of voice acting.

Just food for thought.

Written by bitsnark

February 1, 2010 at 3:51 pm

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