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THQ To Fully Unveil Warhammer 40K MMO At E3 In June

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In a recent investor call, THQ head cheese Brian Farrell pledged to investors that the forthcoming Warhammer 40K MMO will be fully unveiled at E3 this June and that the IP could easily last for several years.

Very little is actually known about the game, but team members who recently worked on the accomplished Darksiders title are thought to be on board. One such member of the team, Creative Lead Joe Madureira said that the combat takes place on a much larger scale than Warhammer Online and that there would be ‘tons of customisation and the coolest looking characters in any MMO, ever.’

Big words Brian, big words. Still, this has my interest piqued all the same.

Written by bitsnark

February 4, 2010 at 12:30 pm

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