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EA Unveils ‘Bulletstorm’, Developed By Epic Games For 360, PC & PS3 Release In 2011

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EA and Epic Games yesterday announced a new title that is currently in development by Warsaw based developer People Can Fly. Known as Bulletstorm, it has been described as an UE3 powered shooter that features larger than life enemies, ‘outrageously large guns’ and apparently unique ‘kill for skill’ gameplay.

The game apparently uses a skill based unlock system which allows players to unlock new abilities and equipment based upon the difficulty of a shot or move that was pulled off. In regards to the plot, we’re looking at the usual po-faced horror affair with the player being part of a group of mercenaries called Dead Echo, who end up marooned on a planet full of flesh eating creatures after their employer double crosses them. As you can imagine, their only call in life at this point is to kill anything that moves and exact revenge on their former employer.

The premise at the very least seems an interesting one; People Can Fly were the nut-jobs who coded the insane Painkiller FPS series for the PC, so it’ll be a blast to see what they do with UE3 tech.

No exact date has yet been given for Bulletstorm, or indeed any media provided, but as soon as the latter or former are updated (whichever comes first) i’ll let you know.

Written by bitsnark

April 13, 2010 at 12:35 pm

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