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World events that have PvP Achievements…. DONT WANT.

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Blizzard. Oh Blizzard! Why oh why did you see fit to incorporate PvP battleground disrupting achievements in your world events?

After some two to three hours spent trying to break the back of the ‘School of hard knocks’ achievement and finally walking away with my hard earned ten points, I can honestly say that those hours were some of the worst I have spent in WoW.

Pretty much ever in fact.

Amid the cries of ‘STFU, go 4 bases and f**k the flag’ on Eye Of The Storm and of course ‘Dont kill hordez plz’ on Alterac Valley, I plumbed the depths of despair as I tried desperately, but also innocently, to get the achievement so that by proxy I could get the meta-achievement allowing me to get that shiny new 310% speed flying mount.

Do I blame the folks facerolling on their keyboards about how messed up battlegrounds get when these silly events come around? Of course not, but you would think that after three or so years of this that people would be used to it and just grin and bear it.

Ultimately however, the fault lies squarely at the feet of the Blizzard Overlords who I bet have endless cackling sessions at our expense as they gleefully survey the chaos that their design decisions have wrought.

Please, no more. If you guys *ever* feel the need to put in a similar achievement, with a similarly disruptive mechanic, please resist the temptation.


Written by bitsnark

May 4, 2010 at 2:18 pm

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