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Short Fan Film Street Fighter Legacy Brings The Awesome

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Hollywood hasn’t been particularly kind to Street Fighter. Their 1994 effort with Jean Claude van Damme was a laughable joke. Their 2008 effort, The Legend Of Chun Li, was just a joke.

Luckily there are talented folks out there who feel the same frustration as we do and so now we have Street Fighter Legacy, a short fan-made film that does more justice to the franchise in its three and a half minute running time than Hollywood managed over a combined three hour running time.

Directed and co-written by Joey Ansah, who may recognise as martial arts baddie ‘Desh’ from The Bourne Ultimatum Movie, this short film looks and sounds the part as Ryu and Ken duke it out in an extremely well-choreographed battle. Everything from the costumes, casting (Ken is spookily close to his pixelated counterpart) and moves is a labour of love and looks extremely authentic.

Someone give this guy more money to make more of this!

Links are below: (Short film) (Costume design) (Hair and make up) (Designing the fights)

Oh and as a little bit of trivia, the chap who plays Ryu also plays Jin Kazama in the forthcoming Tekken live action movie.

Loves his martial art videogame adaptations doesn’t he? 🙂

Written by bitsnark

May 14, 2010 at 1:38 pm

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