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Sega Confirms Yakuza 4 Western Release Next Spring

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Okay, whoa there boy, whoa *tries to keep inner fanboy in check*.

I have some good news, Yakuza 3 apparently did well enough in the West to warrant Sega bringing Yakuza 4 over here too.

This is quite frankly, ass-shatteringly awesome news.

Boasting similar gameplay to Yakuza 3, the fourth installment in Sega’s popular (see, I can say that now) allows players to assume four different Yakuza members instead of just the series’ hero, Kazauma Kiryu.

For all of you who supported Yakuza 3 when it was thought it would never get a release, give yourself a pat on the back.

More details will be revealed at E3 where the game is expected to get it’s first Western showing.

Cannot. Wait.

In other news however, I hope this bodes well for the recently announced PSP installment of the Yakuza series.

With any luck that’ll find it’s way to our shores too.

Written by bitsnark

June 8, 2010 at 3:36 pm

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