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Pre E3 2010: THQ Unveils Second WWE Title – WWE All Stars

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Do you remember the days when wrestling games were as OTT and batshit insane as their real thing, with big larger-than-life characters doing impossible, gravity defying moves and boasting superhuman physiques? Well THQ does and with that in mind they are giving us WWE All Stars to counterpoint the wrestling-sim style gameplay that has been a hallmark of their Smackdown Vs Raw series.

In adapting the OTT theme, the aesthetics, specifically the character models, have taken their inspiration from comic books with John Cena in particular boasting an Incredible Hulk esque physique that is even more monstrous than his real-life physical appearance is. The Rock too also has had what appears to be ten tons of steroids pumped into him, with a similarly huge physique and exaggerated chin-reaching trademark side burns to match.

When the fists fly and grapples start happening it is only then that you get an idea of just what THQ is attempting to achieve here. Case in point; I just saw John Cena powebomb The Rock, catch him in mid-air after he bounced off of the canvas, drive him head-first into the mat and then lift him up for a jumping suplex that took both wrestlers some thirty feet off of the ground before they crashed back down to earth to a crescendo of a rippling shockwave heralding the end of a delightfully OTT ballad of grappling violence.

In actuality this game has a lot more in common with a traditional fighting game, with the emphasis on much faster gameplay, chaining combos, juggles, mid-air counters and of course the exaggerated physicality of the wrestlers proving to be in stark contrast to the relatively po-faced Smackdown Vs Raw titles.

Additionally, it is also said that each character will handle completely differently to one another, with timings, combos and other special abilities being unique to each character.

This could well be the breath of fresh air that wrestling games have needed.

The GameSpot exclusive reveal of the title can be seen below:;title;1

WWE: All Stars is due for release sometime in 2011 on the PS3, 360 and Wii.

Written by bitsnark

June 9, 2010 at 12:05 pm

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