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E3 2010: Medal Of Honor Multiplayer Beta Goes Live June 21st – First Footage Shown

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At their E3 presser, EA have confirmed that their new Medal Of Honor title will in fact have a multiplayer beta which is due to take place on June 21st across PS3, 360 and PC formats.

Additionally for the first time, the DICE developed multiplayer mode was on display with a live demonstration of a 24 player deathmatch.

First impressions of the multiplayer are that it while it does boast some similarities to DICE’s Bad Company 2, especially since that series’ destructable environments are present (if somewhat pared down), predictably though, it looks more like Modern Warfare 2 than anything else.

The HUD which rewards different kinds of shots, chain kills and so on is very, very close to Infinity Ward’s FPS mega-seller and just the way the game looks is also evocative of that game, with a faster pace than Bad Company 2 and tighter, more maze-like maps on offer.

Unlike Modern Warfare 2, players can also drive vehicles it seems, as the multiplayer trailer depicted a player inside a tank blowing the shit out of a target. It all seems like interesting stuff, but if Bad Company 2 was trying to provide an alternative to the boxy shoot outs of Modern Warfare 2, then Medal Of Honor is going straight for the throat.

Take a look at the multiplayer trailer below:

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June 15, 2010 at 9:10 am

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