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E3 2010: Sony E3 Media Briefing Live Report

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Like all the other highlights I shall be doing, this will be done in a shorthand-esque format style to ensure a timely delivery of the briefing highlights.

-Media Briefing Starts

After a inital montage we get Jack Tretton on stage. He talks about coming to E3 with momentum on their side. He talks about Sony’s ten year vision.

Kaz Harai comes out and goes straight into 3D talk. Yay. He talks about content justifying the medium, and of course, pimping out Sony 3DTV’s.

We then get a runthrough of current 3D supported titles. Wipeout, Pacific Rift etc…

Killzone 3 now gets a demonstration. Presumably in 3D.

The development lead for Killzone 3, demonstrates a level seen in Northern Helgan – basically a frozen shithole. The crowd is told to stick on the glasses.

Demo starts with a big ‘Pre-alpha code’ disclaimer at the top. We see Helghast on jet packs and various flying ships and robots admist an intense firefight. So far, so Killzone 2 largely. Still looks stunning however, a testament to the visual quality of it’s predecessor.

More snow levels. Now we go ice-berg hopping with a jetpack and then into another firefight on an oil rig.

This does look (and sound) very good indeed. Wish I could see it as intended though 😦

The crowd is stunned. Simply stunned, with perodic gasps erupting every so often. You might not agree with the implementation of 3D into gaming at this point, but you can’t deny the choice of poster boy to show it off.

Demo finishes. Lots of whooping and clapping.

Killzone 3 is due worldwide in Feb 2011.

It is also fully compatible with Playstation Move functionality at launch. Good stuff.

Kaz is back out.

He says Killzone 3 will do for 3D gaming what Avatar did for 3D films.

Big push on 3D titles. GT5, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Sly Cooper collection(!) and many more.

Many Playstation Move titles to be in 3D also. Nice crossover.

Another 3D game video is up and folks are told to stick the glasses back on.

Hmmm, appears to be a montage at this stage. And that’s exactly what it is. Ah well, all new tech/hardware needs a good montage in my book.

Lots of games shown as well as sports and movies to reinforce the idea of 3D being a key part of the ‘Playstation Family’.

Video ends.

Tretton is back. Telling us that 3D takes us one step closer to immersive gaming.

He talks about how many ways you can be relevant in people’s lives. He says that this year is the 15th annivesary of Playstation. He starts quoting facts and figures in regards to PS2 and new markets.

He talks about PS3 owners using their PS3 for more than games online; net browsing, netflix etc… More living room invasion talk it seems.

Now he talks about Playstation Move. He specifies about the accuracy of the device.

‘What happens in your hand, happens on screen’ he says.

Playstation Move is described as moving the Playstation brand forward.

Playstation Move will offer core and casual games. O RLY?

Now we’re onto how the device works. Basically it’s Eye Toy + Wand = Move. Accurate as hell though.

More focus on core gamer support. Don’t let us down!

He talks about the three sensors that the Move has and how this makes responsiveness almost instaneous. Now we get developers talking about it; all good as you might imagine. Dev’s seem properly excited about it though.

Kevin Butler comes on says that buttons are important and pokes at Kinect. Meow!

Montage ends.

We get more stuff about how important buttons are and how they aren’t ‘stirring the pot’ by talking about it. Yeah right.

Move and Standard versions of every game will be on the same disc. Yay for Blu-Ray!

He is talking about new Move titles.

Here we go!

Sorcery is announced. It’s a third person action game and the hero has a wand. Looks like Harry Potter so far. He shows us movement with the wand and it is indeed uber responsive and 1:1. Very cool.

He pulls out a potion to drink it and shakes the bottle using the wand. Gimmicky, but effective.

All spells are cast using the controller, and I have to say it looks like a lot ‘o’ fun. A whirlwind is created and then ‘steered’ using the wand. Looks great.

Actually, I fail to believe that EA isn’t all over this with a Harry Potter title in mind.

It’s big boss time, and like most demonstrations these days it ends abruptly.

Good stuff though.

Next we get a mention about how Move will ‘revolutionize’ your sports experience.

On comes Andrew Wilson from EA Sports. Tiger Woods 2011 is shown and again, precision of the device is pimped out.

The demonstration begins and we shown just how 1:1 the movement of the device is. Again, staggeringly precise.

He keeps getting the ball in the bunker. We’re told it’s ‘all about feel’. He putts and gets it in. Yep seems decent enough to me.

The functionality will be available as a downloadable patch for the existing version of the game and will be featured on a purported ‘Move Demo Disc’. Cool.

Another Move title is about to be announced. Heroes On The Move is announced. It appears to have Ratchet, Clank, Sly, Bentley. Jak & Daxter in a platforming style game. Seems competent enough indeed. Early in production though.

The Move apparently is meant to be geared toward all audiences. Coca-Cola is supporting the Playstation Move marketing campaign. The biggest brand partnership they have ever had apparently. Screw you Pepsi!

Kevin Butler is on stage! Says that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Refers to the Kinect event and the acrobats and sale on blue ponchos. Funny guy πŸ™‚

Talks about the motion control battle and says it is time to focus on what really matters: The games. Yep, go for it.

Talks about how gaming is about staying up to 3AM to earn a trophy that isn’t real… but is. πŸ™‚

This guy is a superb speaker.

He said that the Move was made so that everyone on Earth can get to ‘taste the PS3 sugar’.

He says not to hate on the casuals. Further piss taking out of Kinect.

Big cheesy promo with cheesy music about Move and talks about gaming – ‘Forever may he reign!’. Awesome. This guy is like the Jack Black of gaming.

Kevin Butler leaves and this briefing suddenly becomes 25% less entertaining.

The Playstation Move will launch in Europe on September 15th. The motion controller will be sold for $49.99 if you have the eye and $29.99 for the controller. There is also a bundle that has both of those items and sports champions for $99.99. A PS3 bundle with all of the above will cost $399.99. THere will be 25 titles by the end of year for it.

Ooooh, he name dropped a new Time Crisis title for Move!

Many games, such as Heavy Rain and Resi 5 will be patched up to allow Move functionality.

Another Move montage video lights up our screens.

Mr. Tretton returns to the stage. He refers to the ‘living room concept’ once again, about how it follows you everywhere.

Now he is talking about PSP. New campaign to ‘Step up’ the PSP. Funny advert follows, with Kevin Butler and a charasmatic kid called ‘Marcus’. Nice underlying theme of the ‘Full flavour’ gaming experience PSP gives versus ‘those crappy apps’ :). Quite well done I thought.

Back to Tretton and he talks about Peace Walker and how well people are doing with developing for PSP. Next up, is the camera driven ‘Invizimals’ and then God Of War: Ghosts of Sparta.

Quick tease incoming! Ghosts of Sparta is indeed a full prequel the footage is pre-rendered however. Good looking but a bit annoying when you think how good the game looks in-game.

More than 70 new titles due to hit PSP by December this year. Impressive. Glad they are still supporting it so well.

LBP2 is shown, looks good but I wonder who will spend all that time creating content?

PSN+ has been announced. Gives ‘free’ minis and PSone titles for a fee. Seems kinda pointless.

EA’s John Schappart is being brought out to talk about their ‘Sony future’.

He talks about the history of EA and playstation.

Now he talks about two games with exclusive content on Playstation. Medal Of Honour is up.

New character ‘Deuce’ is introduced. We are then told bout how good DICE is for the multiplayer in the game. A brand new multiplayer map is shown. It’s Diwagal Camp in Afghanistan. Looks nicely designed with narrow canyons, huts, installations and sniper friendly cliffs.

The limited Edition version of Medal Of Honor is exclusive to PS3 and will have an HD remastered version of Medal Of Honor: Frontline packaged in with it. Nice.

Dead Space 2 is up now.

The on-screen demonstration continues from the EA one shown earlier on. Holy hell does this look frantic. The big monster at the end of the cliffhanger is literally smashing through *everything* to get to Isaac. Again, visuals look superb. Crap! Now he just got shoved out into space with the monster holding onto him. Brilliant just brilliant.

Limited Edition version of Dead SPace 2 is exclusive to PS3, with a remastered version of Dead space: Extraction with Move support thrown him. Me like.

Tretton comes out and announces the arrival of… Holy Shit It’s Valve!! There is a surprise after all! It’s Gabe ‘I hate PS3’ Newell! What the fuck!

Newell apologies for his comments towards PS3. He then goes onto say that games are evolving. Portal 2 logo is shown on the monitor…

He announces that Portal 2 is coming to PS3! Great news! He wants the PS3 version to be the best version on any console. About time!

Here we go with first Portal 2 footage on PS3.

No more boxy rooms. More organic environments and a creepy GlaDOS voice over. Looks brilliant.

It is due sometime in 2011.

Tretton is back talking about Final Fantasy XIV. Trailer is on.

Looks very nice and all real-time too. Very nice indeed.

Trailer is done and Jack is talking about Mafia II, specifically PS3 exclusive day one DLC that has unique missions and gameplay.

Now onto Ubisoft. Assassins Creed will have an exclusive package of DLC missions for PS3.

Multiplayer beta for the title is PS3 exclusive also.

In game footage is shown, with teams of players taking out targets, special abilites and more. Could be good πŸ™‚

Jack says ‘exclusive’ is his new favourite word. He talks about the quality of exclusive content and then we get a montage games due out for the platform. Assorted third party titles (Mafia II, true crime, marvel vs capcom 3, dead space II etc..), and Move stuff too.

And Gran Turismo 5. Looking sublime as always.

Jack is now talking about GT5. New trailer for it too.

Very nice trailer, but I have problems telling the difference between the pre-rendered stuff and the real-time visuals with this game.

Ah bollocks, my stream is looping.

Ok now.

Gorogeous trackside detail I must say, especially the tokyo night time track with the pink blossoms falling, illuminated against the moon.

Hopefully we’ll get a date. Tell us we’ll get a sodding date!

November 2nd! Yay!

Infamous 2 is shown now. Lots of rooftop running, ledge shimmying and lighting is back. It seems the whole system has turned against Cole, our hero. ‘Some shit never changes’, then he starts using ice powers ‘Maybe somethings do’. Cool. This does look very nice indeed.

One last surprise…

An advert about car combat game… Looks like we’re up for Twisted Metal…

Oh yes! It is! Twisted Metal ice cream truck comes on stage! Complete with topless machete wielding maniac in tow. David Jaffe is up there!

Twisted Metal PS3 is due in 2011. Gameplay footage! He is in a helicopter, firing missiles at other cars below as they are trashing Main Street. 16 player online is confirmed, along with 2-4 offline multiplayer. Graphically it doesn’t look that hot, but it does look very intense indeed. It is early though. Oooh, people can ride shotgun and snipe other folks from other vehicles. Nice.

A new play mode is shown. It’s called ‘Nuke’ and is all about faction play (sweet tooth faction, doll faction and so on). The mode involves destroying the opposing factions statue before they ‘nuke’ yours. Every faction has missle launchers and what you have do is grab the faction leader and ‘sacrafice’ him to it so that you can do a missle launch which is player gudied. It takes three hits on a statue to win the match. It all looks crazy intense.

Jack is back and finishes up, talking about their commitment to content and innovation.

And with that we are done.

No Square-Enix bug unveiling or anything, no Last Guardian (cry) and no ICO/Shadow HD collection. Surprising. Not a bad show though, not bad at all.

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June 15, 2010 at 9:12 pm

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