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E3 2010: Warhammer 40K Space Marine and MMO Dark Millennium Bring The Goods

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Console owners! No more do you have to tie your experience of the Warhammer 40K universe down to that immeasurably dull Fire Warrior title that came out years back. THQ and developers Relic are bringing us a new 40K title that does not disgrace the source material it’s based on; far from it.

Due for release on 360 and PS3, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is a third person action adventure in which you must guide your space marines through different worlds, fighting hordes of orks, Chaos and other evil bastards as you shoot, stab and hammerswing your way to victory.

Visually at least this looks frickin’ superb and makes me realise that perhaps Too Human should have been more like this and not, well, y’know shit.

Take a look at the trailer below:

No release date has yet been given.

PC owners! Your clamouring for an MMO based on the Warhammer 40K universe has been heard and at E3 we got the first taste of the forthcoming title, known as Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium.

Visually the game looks competent enough – mixing in the more mature stylings of the Space Marine title mentioned previously with some of the softer World Of Warcraft visual stylings.

Outside of this, little is known about the title, but it does look like it will do the franchise justice with a large gameworld, decent combat and of course, lots and lots of questing.

Take a look:

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium is due in 2011.

Written by bitsnark

June 16, 2010 at 11:44 am

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