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Nintendo Confirms Autumn US Release Date For Kirby’s Epic Yarn; EU Gamers Get It Next Year (!)

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The conceptually highly promising and visually creative star of Nintendo’s stellar E3 Wii lineup, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, has at last been given some sort of release window.

American gamers can expect to play the standout Wii title this Autumn, whereas the rest of us in the EU have to wait till next year to get our hands on this superb looking platformer.

Next year? Really? I mean, what do they have to localise?

Kirby doesn’t speak and the game has less text than an Early Learning Center Level 0 reading book.



Just disappointed.

There is no need in this day and age for territorial release windows on a game such as this to be this far apart.


Written by bitsnark

August 12, 2010 at 10:43 am

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