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Tokyo Game Show 2010: Hideo Kojima Confirms Metal Gear Solid – Snake Eater: 3D For Nintendo 3DS

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When Nintendo unveiled their shiny new 3DS handheld to the world, it wasn’t really the new Kid Icarus or StarFox that wooed the attending massive. It was Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater: The Naked Sample; a demonstration of PS2 quality graphics running flawlessly on the handheld system with full 3D effects worked into the code.

It looked truly impressive but rumours began to swirl that the title itself was nothing more that a tech demo unlikely to see the light of day as a fully featured retail product.

Thank the powers then, that series maestro Hideo Kojima today confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show that Metal Gear Solid for the 3DS is very real and will be arriving in 2011.


Written by bitsnark

September 16, 2010 at 10:23 am

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