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Square-Enix Confirms Press Conference For Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Agito Official Reveals

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January 11th 2011.

That is the date that Squeenix has pigeonholed for their official reveal for their long in development Final Fantasy Versus XII and Final Fantasy XIII Agito titles for the PS3 and PSP respectively.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was actually first announced shortly after the original Final Fantasy XIII was confirmed to be in development. Presumably, the bulk of development work at the time was prioritised for FFXIII instead of Versus, since some four years after the confirmation of it’s existence we’ve seen little to assure us that the game is anywhere close to a demonstratable state. Boasting a more violent, contemporary setting and darker (read: Brooding/Emo) characters, Versus XIII is alleged to have a world map (sorely missing from FFXIII) to allow for extensive exploration and a real-time combat system in a similar vein to Kingdom Hearts.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII on the other hand, was originally announced back in 2006 as an exclusive title for mobile phone platforms only. Fast forward two years later to August 2008 and Squeenix had moved development to the PSP, quietly discontinuing development on the mobile phone versions in the process. Thought to be a battle card based RPG with action and online multiplayer elements, little has been heard or seen of the game since it’s shift to the PSP back in 2008.

The JRPG giant has also mentioned that they intend to unveil a number of ‘surprises’ at the conference too.

No, it won’t be Final Fantasy VII Remake/HD/Butchering.

Keep em’ peeled.

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September 21, 2010 at 10:07 am

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