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It seems that Sony are to unveil the PSP2 on Jan 27th.

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A whole bunch of reports are bubbling to the surface which are suggesting that Sony will at long last take the lid off of the successor to the PSP on Jan 27th.

Last year a fair sized clutch of developers were reported to have had PSP2 development kits, asserting claims that the device abandons physical media entirely, boasts touch controls located on the back of the unit and in terms of power, is easily comparable to the PS3.

So long as the reports pan out we should get our first look at Sony’s shiny new handheld at the end of the month along with media of the first titles that have been developed for the device.

With the advent of iOS popularity in the mobile gaming realm, the app-store business model and of course the ever looming shadow of Nintendo’s 3DS handheld, it won’t be enough for Sony to rely on high powered components to see them rule the handheld gaming arena.

They need to do more.

Written by bitsnark

January 12, 2011 at 12:05 pm

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